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Gain insight into the purchasing decisions and behaviour of your customer—from the importance of brand image to the role of sport utility. Identify neighbourhoods that have environmentally-conscious consumers or an affinity for luxury automobiles and help inform your marketing campaigns and dealership inventory levels.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Create highly targeted messaging that resonates with your consumers by understanding what motivates their purchasing decisions. Develop a profile of those most likely to purchase environmentally-friendly products or those who identify with strongly held social values. Optimize inventory distribution decisions and reveal cross-promotional opportunities.

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Students and virtual reality goggles


Improve your prospecting and recruitment efforts by understanding what types of students apply to your school and determine which ones are most likely to accept your admission offer. Identify where you should focus your marketing and outreach programs to have the greatest impact.

Energy and Resources

Inform new energy conservation programs and marketing campaigns by targeting high energy consumption neighbourhoods and areas more amenable to energy reduction programs.

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Finance and Insurance

Gain insights into the fiscal health and credit risk of your customer base, define market potential and identify new branch locations, engage prospects and high potential clients with targeted messages and promotions, and develop products and services according to lifestage and income levels.


Use data to make decisions that help improve the quality of life for the communities you serve. Help determine essential services levels based on demographics and neighbourhood trends. Create more effective targeted media and communication strategies.
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Healthcare worker using MRI machine


Better understand and target Canadians based on health-related topics, including ailments, health care utilization, self-esteem, body mass index and fitness level.  Identify high-priority locations for flu shot clinics, monitor trade areas for purchase trends of prescription and over-the-counter drugs or craft more effective marketing messaging.  

Media and Entertainment

Target consumers using reliable, credible and scalable data. Uncover market opportunities and create media strategies based on consumer behaviour and media consumption. Locate areas with high-value customers and provide guidance for a targeted delivery of digital advertising. 

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Children volunteers planting trees


Understand your donor base.  Locate high net worth households and identify a new donor’s potential levels of giving. Find donors who are more likely to have the highest response rates to your direct marketing campaigns, determine where your fundraising efforts should concentrate or decide which volunteer programs will help engage your members best. 

Real Estate

With expertise in both commercial and residential real estate industries, gain insight into neighbourhood trends, discover the best site locations and identify market opportunities.  Rank and compare locations based on demographics, lifestyles, spending patterns, acculturation, language use or rates of crime.

Architects reviewing blueprints

Barrista serving coffee to customer


Better understand your clientele, identify site locations for expansion, improve product mix and inventory planning.  Develop new menu items based on household food preferences, build staffing schedules around daytime demand for each location, and drive customers to your locations through more effective marketing campaigns.


Use trade area analysis to find best potential consumers, optimize existing store footprint, identify underserved markets for potential expansion, or estimate any site’s retail opportunity. Create loyalty programs based on user behaviour, e-commerce strategies based on spending habits, or improve direct mail response rates.
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Millennials looking at smartphones


Discover new market opportunities, monitor trends and optimize return on investment spend. Distinguish between “price-sensitive” and “technology minded” customers, analyze trade areas to determine households purchasing behaviour, develop product-specific promotions and create targeted advertising campaigns.

Travel and Leisure 

Identify, understand and connect with your best customers and create targeted marketing messaging to increase visitorship and tourism dollars.
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