Bringing best practice in data analytics to healthcare.

Gain insight on the populations you serve to improve health outcomes. Rich data combined with predictive modelling, demographic trends and behavioural analytics can help improve operational efficiencies, inform decisions, enhance communications and provide a better standard of healthcare.

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Understand your patient populations

Create holistic views of patient groups and improve healthcare outcomes by tracking health trends and predicting risks. Use data mining and predictive analytics to identify high risk communities and their attitudes towards health-related topics, including self-perceived physical and mental health, life and work stress levels, ailments, health care utilization, body mass index and fitness levels.

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Make stronger site location decisions

Make informed site, location and capital investment decisions using analytics tools such as GIS mapping, geocoding and spatial analytics. Identify underserved areas in your communities and demand for services such as dental, physiotherapy, senior care or family health. Locate high-priority areas for flu shot clinics, or monitor areas for purchase trends of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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Engage patients in wellness programs

Improve the effectiveness and engagement of your outreach programs and campaign efforts. By understanding attitudes towards immunizations, preventive treatments, cigarette smoking and cannabis consumption, you can create messaging that promotes healthier behaviours and enhances lives. Better your returns on media spend by determining where to focus marketing efforts.

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    “We consider EA a partner and we have benefited from your counsel, perspective and expertise gained across many industries. You helped translate applications from other industries to solve our unique business challenges. Traditional consulting companies could not have done that.”

    Tony Steed, Director of Market Knowledge and Donor Insights | Canadian Blood Services
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    “Due to the growth of our communities we are adding a second hospital. As we plan for this growth journey, we are working to deeply understand our communities’ evolving wants and needs, supported by Environics Analytics’ data. The context about our communities we have been able to provide to our clinical leaders is enabling them to plan for services that will meet the healthcare needs of our communities and incorporate what matters to our patients and their families.”

    Will Oud, Manager, Strategy and Transformation | Mackenzie Health
  • Sick Kids Foundation

    “Environics Analytics gave us a unique lens to understand our donors and determine the best way to invest our fundraising dollars. It’s one thing to buy an ad that asks for money; it’s another to have a person tell your story in a way that touches the heart of your audience. Our donors are as diverse as the colours of the rainbow. But without this information in where to start, we couldn’t have been successful.”

    Vice President of Major Gifts | SickKids Foundation See the Case Study



We Know Data

Enhance your store data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 45 databases including health, demographic, segmentation, and behavioural data. Here are a few of our popular databases that support the needs of the healthcare industry.


Canadian map showing healthcare data on number of smokers in an area

Health - CommunityHealth

Target Canadians based on their health status as well as their attitudes and behaviours towards healthcare. Administered by Statistics Canada, the Canadian Community Health Survey details the health status of Canadians.

See database

Map of CAN Segmentation Data for PRIZM5 Spectra

Segmentation - PRIZM

By segmenting Canada’s neighbourhoods into 68 unique lifestyle types, PRIZM incorporates data from nearly a dozen demographic, marketing and media sources to help you perform analysis and better understand your patient populations.

See database

CAN Behavioural Data showing Quick Service Restaurants

Behavioural - CannabisInsights

Project how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level to answer the key questions facing healthcare, governments, retailers and distributors looking to enter this emerging space.

See database

Canadian Demographics map showing Maintainers 25 to 34

Demographics Databases

Using DemoStats, perform demographic trend analysis to create a long term location plan or segments based on shared characteristics. With DaytimePop, estimate at home and at work populations within any geographic area.

See database

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the CommunityHealth database. keyboard_arrow_down

Administered by Statistics Canada, the Canadian Community Health Survey collects detailed information on the health status of Canadians. CommunityHealth takes those survey results and provides marketers with approximately 600 variables to better understand and target Canadians based on health-related topics, including their ailments, health care utilization, self-esteem, body mass index and fitness level. This dataset is based on more than 120,000 respondents, aged 12 and older, from households across all provinces and territories. See variable lists

What are some of the ways organizations use CommunityHealth and other databases? keyboard_arrow_down

Any organization interested in better understanding the health propensities of the population in an area or health-related attitudes and activities of Canadians, can benefit from the CommunityHealth data. Municipal public health departments can identify high-priority locations for flu-shots. Consumer packaged goods companies can identify the physical activities their consumers prefer and then determine optimal cross-promotional opportunities and event sponsorship proposals. Pharmaceutical companies looking to understand usage potential for a new drug can use CommunityHealth to find PRIZMsegments where individuals are more likely to suffer from that condition. This analysis can help determine where to focus marketing efforts and how to craft effective messaging. Contact us to discuss your opportunities

How can personalization help improve outreach outcomes? keyboard_arrow_down

Data collection in the healthcare industry is allowing organizations to better understand the needs of the patients. By using analytics tools such as predictive modelling, you can predict with a high degree of accuracy areas that have the greatest prevalence of a condition such as diabetes or asthma. You can then maximize the returns on your budgets by personalizing communications regarding prevention and treatment programs. Combining your data with our databases can help you define the right audience, understand their attitudes and behaviours and create targeted messaging sent through the optimal channels. See consumer insights.

How can mobility analytics improve site selection for healthcare focused locations? keyboard_arrow_down

Whether you are a pharmacist, physiotherapist or dentist, mobility data can be instrumental in site selection by identifying areas of higher potential value based on visitor patterns. Mobility analytics can enhance what you know about visitors to an area: where they come from, competitors they visit and how competitive trade areas interact. Mobility data is an anonymized, permission-based data service, which uses data collected from location-enabled devices that were observed within a geofenced area defined by latitude and longitude. Our mobility data is collected only if consent or permission is provided by the individual. See mobility analytics

Do your databases follow best practices around privacy compliance and consumer protection? keyboard_arrow_down

We take privacy, compliance, and data governance very seriously, and we are very proud of receiving favourable SSAE CSAE 3416 SOC1 Type II ,SOC2 Type II, and HIPAA/HITECT audit reports after rigorous, independent reviews of our internal security controls. The reports represent certification with programs such as CSAE 3416 (Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416), AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and HIPAA-HITECH.

In addition, the source data used as inputs to our product development are 100 percent privacy compliant. Any personal information provided to us by clients is used solely for the purposes of their business and is safeguarded in client-specific, firewalled locations in secured data centers. We also ensure that our compliance policies for Canada and the U.S. are consistent with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See our databases

What type of analytics tools and reporting do you offer? keyboard_arrow_down

ENVISION, our proprietary marketing and business intelligence platform, was developed using over 50 years of best practices in the data and analytics business. It enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and trade areas. You’ll have access to more than 30,000 variables including demographics, consumer preferences, lifestyles and values. Then using executive reporting and interactive dashboards, you can share insights with stakeholders throughout your organization. Show me ENVISION



Meet our Healthcare Industry Team

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.

Rupen Seoni

Rupen Seoni

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader

With over twenty years of experience in marketing analytics and a master’s degree in urban planning, Rupen working with organizations of all sizes and specializes in helping government agencies and organizations understand population trends, segmentation and performance benchmarking. For the last two years, he has appeared on CTV’s Canadian and U.S. federal election coverage as a commentator on voter demographics in key races.

Hugh Hibbert of Environics Analytics

Hugh Hibbert

Director of Consulting Services

Hugh manages key customer relationships, guiding clients along their analytical journey and identifying opportunities to apply Environics Analytics’ suite of databases to aid in their decision-making. A former project scientist at Environmental Resources Management, Hugh holds a Master of Spatial Analysis degree from Ryerson University and an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in city studies and sociology from the University of Toronto.

Jennifer Robins of Environics Analytics

Jennifer Robins

Account Manager

Jennifer helps clients in non-profit solve their business challenges using the Environics Analytics’ suite of data products and services. She has over seven years working in sales and marketing in the education and travel industries. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in French and marketing management from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Hult International Business School.

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