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IAB Canada - Business of Digital: Location Based Advertising – Toronto

Second City Theatre Toronto 51 Mercer St, Toronto, ON M5V 9G9

Meet Paul Tyndall, Vice President, Strategic Projects, at IAB Canada's Business of Digital: Location Based Advertising in Toronto and hear him present on "Leveraging Big Data to Drive Digital Out-of-Home" with Mary Ventresca, Vice-President, Marketing, Research & Business Development, from Pattison Outdoor Advertising.

About the Event

IAB Canada will present their third annual Location Based Advertising Barometer Report which provides a Canadian perspective on the growth of this sector and the key factors contributing to its future state.

Learn about the latest developments in Digital Out of Home, the progress on mobile metrics, key considerations on location intelligence including data accuracy, consumer attitudes toward sharing location data including the value equation and many other issues around the judicious use of geo-targeting in digital advertising.