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Introducing AutoRank™

Our new enhanced geo-targeting service combines IHS Markit’s comprehensive automotive registration data with our premier market intelligence service to identify the areas that are significantly better for customer acquisition by make or model. AutoRank™ is a cost effective solution that will allow the automotive industry to make better use of their marketing budget by identifying areas where consumers are more likely to be in market for a new vehicle.

This service factors in new vehicle registrations for the previous seven years and compares that information with data on the latest vehicles in operation to determine how many of those vehicles are still at their original location. We combine these data with demographic and wealth information to provide a current view of each neighbourhood and then rank each one using a propriety scoring system to identify the best areas to target. The new solution will help the automotive industry target areas that may have a higher propensity to purchase specific vehicles.

With AutoRank™ you can:

  • Identify the best neighbourhoods to target for customer acquisition or retention
  • Leverage our proprietary scoring system to further refine these areas as the best targets for any make or model
  • Develop a more effective conquest or retention strategy
  • Identify regions with an abundance of vehicles of a particular make and model approaching replacement age and see how behaviours, preferences and wealth in those areas may have since their last vehicle purchase

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