We provide a full range of data and analytics services, specializing in proprietary data, purpose-built software and industry-focused consulting.


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Consumer Insights

Create a comprehensive picture of your customers by segmenting them according to shared demographic, lifestyle, values and behavioural traits. Segments can help organizations create highly targeted marketing campaigns, retain high value customers and inform site-related decisions.

Site and Location Intelligence

Make informed site, location and capital investment decisions using analytics tools such as GIS mapping, geocoding and location intelligence. Understand traffic patterns and profiling visitors to maximize product and service offerings, allocate resources and effectively manage your network to increase profit margins.

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Analytics Consulting

Get the most out of your data with the help of our highly skilled team. We can help enhance your organization’s analytics capabilities by building a detailed analytics roadmap and help foster a data-driven culture in your organization.

Data Services

Ensure your data assets are accurate, accessible and configured to deliver value. From auditing, structuring and cleaning your existing data to enhancing your contact lists, we make sure your data assets are the highest quality standards.

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Map showing top 18 data segments

Privacy Compliant, Authoritative Databases

Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 47 databases offering more than 30,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.

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Expert Insights

Our industry experts publish timely analysis of government data releases, opinions on industry trends and insights on how organizations are embracing big data and analytics to help you stay informed.

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Case Studies

Discover how we help organizations use data analytics for evidence-based decision making to improve marketing, guide their high-level strategic planning and drive operational improvements.