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Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies.

In addition to custom segmentation services, we offer four off-the-shelf segmentation systems including PRIZM5, Canada’s leading consumer segmentation system.

  • PRIZM5 classifies Canada's neighbourhoods into 68 unique lifestyle types by integrating geographic, demographic and psychographic data.

  • PRIZM5 QC captures the unique qualities of Quebec lifestyle as defined by 58 segments that have been optimized for Quebec.

  • PRIZM5 Spectra, developed for the consumer packaged goods industry, highlights five key lifestage and eight urbanity/diversity groups to better understand shoppers, customers and markets.

  • DELTA5, used to differentiate customers for profiling and modelling applications, classifies 150 segments based on the six-digit postal code level and key demographic factors.

PRIZM5 Consumer Segmentation

Understand what consumers are buying, doing and thinking—and anticipate their behaviour in the future. PRIZM5, Canada’s authoritative consumer segmentation system, will help you find underserved markets, target products and services, and craft messages that will connect you with your ideal market.

  • 68 lifestyle types based on income, urbanity and lifestage
  • 30,000+ PRIZM5-coded variables
  • Francophone segments
  • Cultural diversity index
  • Powered by more than 40 data sources


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Canadian Demographics map showing Maintainers 25 to 34


Reach your best customers, track neighbourhood growth patterns and forecast trends with demographic data covering sex, age, education, housing, cultural diversity, occupation, income levels and maritial status. We offer five proprietary databases built from multiple sources. 

CAN Behavioural Data showing Quick Service Restaurants


Develop more engaging media and marketing strategies by understanding the behaviours, preferences and attitudes of your target market. We partner with leading data and survey providers to produce 10 databases that offer insights on a range of topics, from media and shopping habits to attitudes on charitable giving and the environment. These data can all be linked to PRIZM5 segments and to the postal code (FSALDU) level.

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