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Case Studies

Discover how we are helping organizations use data analytics for evidence-based decision making to improve marketing, guide their high-level strategic planning and drive operational improvements.



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Walmart Canada

Before launching a nationwide online grocery business, Walmart Canada wanted to better understand the shoppers who had been using the service in test markets.

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General Motors

To better understand its urban buyers General Motors created a local segmentation model, which informed the automakers' marketing and sales strategy in Toronto.

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SickKids Foundation

Using data and analytics SickKids Foundation was able to develop a multicultural fundraising plan to engage ethnic communities and expand its donor base.

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Hydro One

Hydro One used customer segmentation to help strengthen its connection with customers and transform itself into a more customer-centric organization.

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Branded Cities

Using data and analytics Branded Cities created a new tool to identify the optimum locations to place out-of-home ads to help its clients reach their target audiences.

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Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint used lifestyle-based segmentation to quickly develop targeted marketing campaigns and help grow its customer base.

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Using data-driven profiles the University of British Columbia was able to identify a new donor population who had the wealth and ability to make a major gift.

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Using customer segmentation and personification TELUS was able to create a more consistent customer experience across its physical and digital channels.