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Branded Cities Canada (formerly Clear Channel Canada) is one of the nation’s premier out-of-home (OOH) media providers. Its exclusive, coast-to-coast network enables advertisers to place media in sought-after Canadian markets, including high-end shopping centres that collectively accommodate  more than 86 million customers annually.


  • “With more detailed audience data, we found that we could stop selling our inventory by quantity, but by quality, offering a specific audience profile.”

    —Natalia Lafforgue, Director of Marketing | Branded Cities

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OOH advertising is increasingly popular and cost-effective channel that connects brands with millions of consumers. But how can advertisers know that ads placed in certain locations will reach their target audience? Branded Cities sought a better way to help its clients use OOH media—not as a mass marketing medium, but as a targeted advertising channel capable of reaching specific consumers in the right environment and state of mind.




The first step is discovery

Branded Cities was already using our data in traditional ways but they wanted to see if get even more out of our services. After working with Branded Cities to get better understanding their challenges we showed them how personas could to help their clients target their OOH ads to increase their visibility with a desired audience. 


Step two is collaboration

Using PRIZM5, our comprehensive segmentation system, Branded Cities identified 12 key personas who had the greatest appeal to advertisers. The PRIZM5 segments became the basis for tagging all assets with 12 key “street personalities,” such as Tech Savvy, Dual Income/No Kids and Fashionistas. 



Step three is finding insights

Next we helped Branded Cities determine the dominant lifestyle segments of people who live, work and play in area around its OOH media to determine who was most likely to be exposed to an ad. This analysis required combining its target segments with our Business Profiles database and then using our ENVISION5 platform to map shelter trade areas to determine where ads should be placed.

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After analyzing all 1,782 transit shelters in its network, Branded Cities created a comprehensive database of shelters and their associated street personalities. Now when Branded Cities gets a client brief, analysts simply identify the client’s target audiences and the tool generates a list of all the shelters with the corresponding street personalities. Since its deployment, the Street Furniture Planning Tool has been called a “game changer” at Branded Cities.

At a time when the OOH market has been flat, Branded Cities has seen year-over-year revenue from its street furniture segment rise 32 percent. By offering clients a new, data-driven perspective on OOH advertising—it’s not about where you want to be but who want to reach—the company has firmly established its reputation as an industry innovator.




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