Geodemographic Services


Using DemoStats or PRIZM5, EA analyzes your best customers (or other groups) by comparing them to a benchmark, typically a base geography or all category consumers. The results identify under- and over- penetrating subsets, and are often the foundation for defining custom target segments.


Using geodemographic profiling as the foundation, we help you create custom target segments by analyzing customer subsets across the data variables and themes most relevant to your business. Because these segments are PRIZM5-based, you can connect them to EA’s extensive databases and create comprehensive personas and actionable engagement strategies.

​Market Ranking

For insight into your best-performing markets, EA helps you connect data to geographic locations and rank specific markets based on their potential using variables most relevant to your business.

Market Studies and Area Reporting

Whether you are deciding where to open a store, what mix of products and services to provide, or how to compare one store’s trade area to others, EA can determine an optimal trade area size, market potential and target market, as well as the impact of competition and cannibalization.

Cultural Diversity

EA has developed exclusive datasets to help you determine where your culturally diverse customers live, what their purchase patterns look like, which media they prefer and more.

Media, Lifestyle and Psychographic Profiles

Using expert techniques that link a variety of disparate databases to small area geography, EA can profile your customers’ lifestyles, media and channel preferences, purchase behaviours, values and attitudes down to the 6-digit postal code level—for your custom trade areas or for your own custom target segments.