Analytical Services

Data Mining

EA can extract information and practical insight from your data to inform decision making in key areas such as customer value, revenue generation and cost optimization.

Custom Segmentation

EA’s experience in segmentation—both geodemographic and custom systems using data from surveys, CRM systems, transactions and other sources—means that our experts can identify and implement the best segmentation approach to address your business needs.

​Predictive Analytics

EA provides a comprehensive suite of data quality services, including normalization, householding, merge/purge and address standardization, validation and correction (Canada Post-approved).

Pattern Finding and Machine Learning

EA can develop algorithms that learn iteratively—such as recommendation engines and fraud detection models—to help you uncover insights and patterns in data that may not be otherwise recognized.

Mapping and Location Intelligence

We use our extensive experience with systems such as ArcGIS, MapInfo and Alteryx, along with complex geospatial techniques, to provide advanced spatial analytics that support your strategic, tactical and operational initiatives.

Site Modelling

From the simplest reports to complex spatial interaction modelling, we have the experience and expertise to identify the perfect location for your new quick-service restaurant, bank branch or retail location—and to optimize your existing network for maximum efficiency and savings.

Visualization and Reporting

We present data-driven insight in a clear, intuitive way to help identify trends and solve business challenges, whether delivered in segmentation reports, campaign analysis or interactive dashboards.