Environics Analytics services provide solutions for a wide array of industries, government agencies, universities and not-for-profits. We can deliver over-the-counter research projects, licensed data and systems for you to use internally, and we can develop custom solutions just for you.


Environics Analytics helps you turn data and analytics into customer insight, strategy and engagement. Offering the most comprehensive set of marketing-related data available in Canada, we can give you access to thousands of variables about your customers’ behaviour, lifestyles and attitudes. And we provide over-the-counter reports, software-as-a-service and a wide variety of modelling approaches to help you better understand and connect with your customers. With our privacy-compliant consumer and business databases, you can strengthen bonds with existing customers and acquire new ones cost effectively.

Our executive-friendly reports of your target segments provide a 360-degree view of your customer base and its subsets. These personas give you deeper insight into your customers for a range of applications—from branding and advertising to merchandising at point of sale. With PRIZM5, organizations of all sizes and in any industry can better understand the hearts and minds of their customers and design products and messages that speak to their preferences and perspectives. And our ENVISION5 marketing analytics platform features tools and workflows that enable you to analyze customers the way our experts do.


With more than 30 years of experience in geocoding Canadian data, our analysts get it right using street-based, postal code-level and rural geocoders—all tools that we’ve developed or enhanced. We can help you clean and standardize your data in order to get the best hit-rate. And we can do the work for you or give you the tools to do it yourself. Finally, we can provide varied approaches to solving your geocoding challenge—whether it’s coding a data file to integrate into your data warehouse or supplying our ENVISION5 platform that codes data on the fly and can be used by non-technical analysts.


We make sure your target marketing campaign hits its mark with our comprehensive demographic, media, lifestyle, financial and values data. We know your customers’ preferred social media and mobile habits as well as their favourite TV shows, radio programs, magazines, newspaper sections and websites. And we can enhance your internal data with relevant external data. After classifying your customers into target groups, we can help make your marketing campaigns more effective—reaching more of the right customers with the right message using the right channel.

Committed to the best practices in target marketing, we include implementation plans and measurement in the analytics process right from the start. Actionable and evidence-based profiles and personas help you craft messages that will resonate with your best customers and prospects for acquisition and retention. And we can target any geography: store trade areas, postal codes, postal walks, distributor areas, forward sortation areas or markets. Whether your strategy targets demographics, lifestyles, media, geography or values, we provide response monitoring so you can test, learn, adapt and enhance your campaigns—and share the results across the enterprise to identify future opportunities.

Trade Area Analysis and Site Modelling

EA can provide a detailed analysis of your trade area and help you determine its size and shape. We’ll help you decide where to open a store, where to consolidate and how to compare one store’s trade area to others. We can zero in on any location in Canada and analyze challenges from competition or cannibalization. From the simplest reports to complex spatial interaction modelling, we have the experience and expertise that your business can rely on.

Where customer data are available, we can also define areas to approximate the pattern of customer origins. Our experts specialize in Huff-type probabilistic trade area models that can assign proportions of neighbourhood households to more than one store’s trade area. And we can guide you on the geography most appropriate for any analysis—whether it’s a census metropolitan area, a federal riding or a postal code. Our reports and dashboards enable you to identify market opportunities, spot trends and develop a deep understanding of the marketplace. And the information we offer on any trade area runs the gamut, including census data, current-year demographics and projections up to 10 years into the future, household expenditure patterns, PRIZM5 lifestyles and retail banner preferences. With the ENVISION5 platform, we can also deliver mapping, reporting and analysis through tablet and mobile devices.

diversity marketing

With one-fifth of Canadians foreign born, it is especially important for businesses and not-for-profits to connect with culturally diverse communities. That’s why EA has developed a number of exclusive datasets and software tools to help you determine where your diverse customers live, what they’re thinking and how they spend their time and money. With these innovative offerings, marketers can better tailor messages, media and products to Canada’s diverse population. Among our offerings:
  • OriginsCanada predicts cultural origins based on first and last name alone. The software tool analyzes names according to 203 separate origins types and 13 separate origins groups (such as Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Indian Sikh and South Asian), and then lets you assign heritage tags to a customer database. And all coding comes with a reliability estimate.
  • DemoStats provides demographic data on cultural groups for today and 10 years into the future. The data offer a range of ways to define a diverse market, including number of foreign born, visible minorities and language spoken at home.
  • AccultuRates classifies the larger cultural groups by levels of acculturation based on data such as period of immigration and home language. Such information helps marketers understand the diversity within the Chinese and South Asian communities—capturing differences in their lifestyles, mindset, purchase behaviour and language use.

Digital Services

As audiences continue to shift their focus towards digital media, EA data help businesses keep up with the rapidly changing environment. We’ve partnered with some of North America’s leaders in display, email, mobile, social and out-of-home marketing solutions to help clients execute and measure campaigns based on the results of analytics using PRIZM5 and other EA data. These partnerships enable marketers to leverage our data and analytics in their omni-channel campaigns. Our Digital Services help ensure businesses and not-for-profits develop a consistent understanding of their customers and a coherent strategy when marketing across multiple media.

Data Hygiene and Append Services

EA has continued to enhance our data hygiene and append services. We offer custom merge/purge services, telephone append and reverse append, address validation and correction, and precise targeting and append options by postal code using 15,000+ variables (such as demographics, behaviour, cultural diversity, mailing status and PRIZM5 segments). Our clients also have access to address validation/correction performed by Canada Post-approved SERP PerfectAddress software; with this service, EA can issue clients a certificate for discounted mailing rates.

In addition, through partnerships with companies such as infoCanada, Cornerstone and Interact Direct Marketing, EA provides customers with access to other services that improve the accuracy of their databases and their analytics for target marketing campaigns.


Detailed, colourful and up to 9 feet by 12 feet in size, BigMaps Canada offers wall-sized business maps designed to help you visualize your markets, customers and competitors. Data variables from all EA databases can be mapped, along with client data and any standard or custom geography. Printed on glossy, heavyweight poster stock, custom maps from BigMaps Canada are a useful addition to any boardroom strategy session.

By offering maps on a scale not readily available before, BigMaps Canada allows clients to understand the interplay of important geographic elements like sales territories, drive times and target market locations. BigMaps Canada provides a level of detail that surpasses smaller-scale maps, helping marketers with a wide variety of applications, including strategic planning, location analysis, customer insights and other implementations that benefit from a detailed visualization of multiple datasets.

Customized Solutions

Packaged research products don’t always meet your needs. That’s why our staff of 100 industry experts, modellers and statisticians is always available to help identify your business problems and define how analytics can inform the solutions. Working with your organization’s stakeholders, we’ll clarify your project objective, design the analysis, conduct the research and help you implement a plan—and then measure the results to refine future programs.

We offer a variety of industry-specific data products and services to tailor a solution to your goals, timing and budget—whether you need a custom segmentation system or predictive model to determine the best up-sell marketing offers. And our consultants will provide advice on how to make the most of your data, solutions and budget with the maximum return on investment. With our expertise and your experience, we’ll solve your critical business challenges together.

​Data Visualization

Using charts, graphs, plots and tables, Data Visualization presents data in a way that is immediately understandable and results in rapid insights regarding customers and their behaviour. Our customizable views display large and complex datasets in a user-friendly manner, especially time-series customer and product data. These views can also be combined into dashboards, which allow users to interactively filter results with attributes or drill down into data to identify trends and solve business challenges.

With our Data Visualization services, you can effectively identify and communicate the risks, strengths and trends of any marketing strategy. Employing the dashboard’s different views and filters, users can quickly develop answers by comparing different customer groups, identifying areas where there are business risks and determining opportunities to grow. With continuous updates to time-series data, customer behaviour can be tracked to give a big-picture view of business health while monitoring campaigns and supporting business objectives.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics provides customized solutions to understanding, predicting and changing customer behaviour. It relies on the creation, diagnostics and/or management of a client’s analytics database. We integrate select customer information with multiple EA data sources to create a multidimensional view of the customer. We then develop solutions—ranging from custom segmentation and specific ad hoc analyses to predictive and retention models—based on the goals and objectives of the business.

The solutions we offer through our Advanced Analytics services provide insights and answers for various challenges and goals. Custom segmentation can be used for prioritizing and implementing different approaches to reach different groups of customers. Predictive models can identify the best customers to increase sales or the best prospects to become loyal customers from a direct mail list or among households in a postal walk. Retention models identify those customers who are most likely to defect or end their relationship with your business. An important part of these solutions is the planning, executing and continual monitoring of campaigns to drive action and track results.

Targeted Sampling

We offer authoritative consumer and business databases to assist with your sampling requirements for market research. For consumer databases, we offer selects for over 15,000 EA data variables (from PRIZM5, DemoStats and other data on behaviour and cultural diversity). For business databases, we also provide a wide range of selects, including SIC industry codes, years in business, sales volume or employee size, location type and contact person title based on Dun & Bradstreet. We can also target both consumers and businesses using all types of geographic areas, including standard postal, census and electoral boundaries, and drive time, radius distance and custom trade areas. The databases are cleaned and standardized using the Canada Post-approved SERP PerfectAddress software. In addition, we provide other proprietary tools, such as FrenchAccentConverter, to improve sampling accuracy.

Predictive Modelling

With our large team of data scientists who have extensive experience in statistics and data mining, we offer predictive modelling for a wide range of strategic, marketing, merchandising and real estate applications. Predictive modelling uses statistical techniques to forecast customer, subscriber and donor behaviour to help organizations increase sales, customer engagement and profitability. Our predictive modelling processes involve the following steps: analysis of available data; identification and assembly of appropriate additional data; model formulation and model prediction; and finally validation of the model results using external data.

Our predictive models can inform such activities as customer acquisition and retention, upselling and cross-selling products, reducing customer churn and developing a pricing strategy. One advantage of EA’s predictive modelling service is that we can use not only a client’s internal data but our own comprehensive data to build the most informative and accurate models. And all of our modelling processes are fully explained and documented so our customers do not contend with an unverifiable “black-box” solution.

Analytics Strategy

At EA, we provide a wide range of consulting services to help you develop a culture of data and analytics stewardship across your organization—and supported from the top. We’ll help you identify your business problems and define how analytics can inform the solutions, using both internal and external data. We’ll involve all the stakeholders at your organization in developing your analytics strategy. And we’ll review best practices to ensure the right approach is being used for each business issue. No other analytics firm in Canada offers such an extensive range of data, services and expertise.

Our consultants are recognized thought leaders who have helped hundreds of organizations connect with their customers, constituents and markets. They’re supported by professionals with unparalleled statistical and modelling expertise and best practices developed over 50 years. We can help you map out your organization’s analytics journey from start to finish—or at any step along the way.