Psychographic data help users determine the mindset of their customers to better reach and serve them


PRIZM5 is linked to Environics SocialValues, the only truly psychographic data built into a segmentation system in Canada. Every year since 1983, scientists at our sister company, Environics Research, have conducted a nationwide survey that measures human motivation and social relations, employing advanced techniques to understand the mindset of Canadians. The resulting SocialValues dataset, based on over 7,100 respondents, measures 95 values and 174 attitudes—such as Importance of Price, Attraction to Nature and Ecological Lifestyle—to help users determine the mindset of their customers to better reach and serve them. With the SocialValues dataset, users will understand what matters most to their customers and how it affects the purchases they make—helping businesses and not-for-profits develop communications and merchandising strategies that speak to their customers’ concerns and worldview.

how it's used

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An automotive company looking to promote a new hybrid vehicle can use SocialValues to identify neighbourhoods within a trade area that are more likely to contain environmentally-conscious consumers.

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Telecom companies can distinguish between their “price-sensitive” customers and their “technology minded” customers to more effectively target marketing efforts for their new online services.

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A SocialValues-based analysis of a company’s PRIZM5 target groups can help marketers understand what motivates the purchasing decisions of their different customer groups. These differences in motivation can help users create messaging that resonates with their customers.

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