Administered by Statistics Canada, the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) collects detailed information on the health status of Canadians. CommunityHealth from Environics Analytics takes those survey results and provides marketers with 716 variables to better understand and target Canadians based on health-related topics, including their ailments, health care utilization, self-esteem, body mass index and fitness level. The data were collected from 124,929 respondents, aged 12 and older, from households across all provinces and territories.

how it's used

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Municipal public health unit departments can use CommunityHealth to identify high-priority locations to set up flu shot clinics by isolating neighbourhoods with a low incidence of getting such vaccinations. The data can also help officials improve marketing and programming efforts by indicating the reasons why people avoid flu shots and other preventive treatments.

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Consumer packaged goods companies can use CommunityHealth to determine which physical activities their customers prefer. These insights can reveal lucrative cross-promotional opportunities and help companies make more informed event sponsorship decisions.

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Pharmaceutical companies looking to promote a new arthritis drug can use CommunityHealth to find PRIZM5 segments that contain individuals more likely to suffer from arthritis. The analysis can help determine where to focus marketing efforts and how to craft effective messaging .